Ode to the blossoming cherry

Yes, he is right, you are a feminine tree (it’s so useless to start listing attributes, everybody understands what feminine means)   I squeeze the rays of my eyes through your adorned branches (I am struck by the milky colorless sky, it hurts this inappropriate setting, has the color of failure)   Avid, I breathe […]

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Spring nerves

Where are you running to? I’ve been waiting for you for so long… You rested in the frozen ground and in the trunks without life, And I was slowly dying glued to the radiator – a dead sun.   Why aren’t you patient? You throw me hundreds of crocuses in my retina you make me […]

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A woman, three vocations

            Almost two months ago, on a March evening, warmer than even my heart, I have been to a concert organized  by Ana Maria Stamp for the release of her new web site: anamariastamp.com. Ana is my daughter’s piano teacher and, of course, a well known presence within the Romanian community in the Netherlands. I […]

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